Sermon Series: Ten Words – and how they can help you love your neighbor

September 8
Text: Logos (The Word)

Summary: We love because God first loved us. The Word, the logic, the reasoning at the center of everything is Christ. Everything exists through Jesus, and because of Jesus. We love because that is who Christ is, and that is what is at the center of all of creation.

September 15
Text: Agape (Love and Divine Love)

Summary: This week, we will explore passages where we learn about Agape. This describes God’s love or divine love, but it also invites us into a way of loving one another that transcends our selfishness and sinfulness.

September 22
Text: Philia (Love and Brotherly Love)

Summary: Scripture uses more than one word to capture the different ideas and components about love. This week, we explore the greatest commandment to not only love God but also to love our neighbor as ourselves.

September 29

Text: Shalom (Peace)

Summary:  This week, we focus on Shalom or Peace/Completeness/Wholeness. In our busy society, we practice shalom, we seek shalom, we pray and yearn for shalom.

October 8
Text: Ekklesia (Called Out/Church)

Summary: With the foundation of Logos, Agape, Philia, and Shalom, we now turn to being the ones called out and gathered by Christ to be the church. Our foundation and identity is in Christ (thus in love), and now we are ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus—the extended body of Christ.

October 13

Text: Isaiah 49:14-18

Summary: This week, we pause our Ten Words series, and we invite Lamont Ross, the senior minister at the Marsalis Avenue Church of Christ here in Dallas to come and share a word from God from the book of Isaiah.

October 20

Text: Hamartia (Sin—Missing the Mark)

Summary: When we talk about sin, we tend to do so in a way that is filled with guilt and shame. Our sinfulness is reason to hate ourselves and to be ashamed of our status before God. However, Scripture understands sin to be an idea of missing the mark. As we have considered love the past three weeks, this week we will discuss what it means to miss the mark and how Jesus invites us to get back on track by turning away from our sinfulness, not because of guilt and shame, but because of his love for us that transforms us and changes us.

October 27
Text: Kenosis (Emptying) 

Summary: Kenosis is the practice of emptying ourselves of ourselves. When we practice kenosis, we mirror the actions of Christ in the Incarnation, and in his sacrifice on the cross. Kenosis is the emptying of self for the sake of another, just as Christ did for all of us.

November 3
Text: Kerygma (Proclamation) 

Summary: Kerygma is one of the Greek words used for preaching and sharing the good news of the Gospel. Kerygma is how we live our lives, what we say and when we say it, and why we say what we say. We preach and proclaim the good news about Jesus to the people in our lives. Jesus tasked us with this mission, and we share the abundantly good news of Jesus through proclamation and preaching.

November 10
Text: Koinonia (Community) 

Summary: These actions that we have just defined (Kenosis and Kerygma) are not the only practices of the church (Ekklesia), but they are or can be distinctive practices. When we engage these practices, we find that we are joined together as a community that transcends our differences. This community is the church, but it is also a vibrant testimony to the joy of the Gospel.

November 17
Text: Xenia (Hospitality) 

Summary: We conclude our series on these Ten Words by inviting us all to engage in hospitality (Xenia). Our world pushes us to fear the other person (xenophobia), but the Gospel of Jesus Christ brings us together as sons and daughters of God who love and care for each other in any situation in life.