Hope from Tragedy

Jerusalem in Distress Jeremiah prophesied during the reigns of Judah’s kings Josiah, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin, and Zedekiah, and he witnessed the people of Judah under the rule of the Assyrian empire, the Babylonian empire, with both threats and help from the Egyptian empire, and a few brief moments of Judah’s independence interspersed during some of these … Read more

Prophetic Hope

Prophetic Hope This past Sunday, John Mark began a sermon series on Hope and Justice in the Book of Isaiah. Isaiah was a prophet, and like some of his contemporaries, he called on the people of God to repent and to turn to God. Unlike many other of his contemporaries (the class of prophets who … Read more

Hope for the Weary

Simeon and Anna Simeon and Anna are not likely to be names that you immediately recognize when it comes to the story of Jesus. Their stories are only recorded in the Gospel of Luke at the beginning of Jesus’ life. Both Simeon and Anna are present when Mary and Joseph bring Jesus to the Temple … Read more

What is Good?

Justice, Mercy, Humility Micah was a prophet during the early years of the Assyrian threat to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, about the years 720-700 BCE. Micah preached in the Southern Kingdom of Judah, but he foresaw the coming calamity to the Northern Kingdom, and he sought that the Southern Kingdom repent and turn back … Read more

The Hope of Humility

David Learns Humility During the past two weeks, we have witnessed protests, riots, press conferences, statements, tweets, and so much more. We have watched the news unfold with footage that saddens us, angers us, and confuses us, and most of the time, we are left wondering what is left to do? What can be done … Read more


Remembering the Gift Yesterday, we celebrated Memorial Day. For many, this is a day to spend with family and loved ones, while for others it is a day of rest from work and the requirements of our daily lives. For others, it is an opportunity to reflect upon and to remember those who have sacrificed … Read more


The Dinner Party In the world that Jesus grew up and lived in, status was more important than we might think. Or at least important in different ways than we think. Today, we might be tempted to think that status can be defined just as much by who we don’t interact with as about what … Read more

Hope Season

Finding A New Rhythm This month, we are beginning the season for our church of “Advocating Hope.” This is a season where we envision giving our attention to those in our church, city, and society who might easily be overlooked. They are the people that we often (unceremoniously) call the “least of these.” And while … Read more

Advocate Hope

May the 4th Be With You Alright, if you don’t like Star Wars or don’t know what Star Wars is, then you might want to skip this blog post.  Today is May the 4th. It’s known as Star Wars day to many because of the famous line which you can see pictured above. But this … Read more