Take Some Dirt With You

It is not uncommon in our daily routines to hear questions like, “Where is God?” or to hear places or times, even people, described as “godless.” We often seek to express our faith in terms of journeying to God, and we do it honestly and with sincerity. But, today, we remind ourselves that it is … Read more

Time to Get in Shape

In the Gospel of John, Jesus tells us that the greatest love we can have for one another is to lay down our lives for each other. On Easter, we celebrate the story of the resurrection of Jesus and the hope that gives to all of Jesus’ followers, knowing that Jesus was willing to lay … Read more

Not a Guesting Game

This Sunday, we are taking a few moments to remind ourselves of the need to be hospitable and welcoming, not only when we gather for church, but when we scatter into the world around us too. Jesus embodied a welcoming and intentional mindset during his ministry: he welcomed those who came to him, and he … Read more

In Conclusion, to Summarize…

Jesus concludes the incredible Sermon on the Mount with a charge to enter through the narrow gate and to follow the narrow road. Prior to this commission, the listeners that day learned of a path that is difficult, challenging, counter-cultural, but one that ultimately leads to life, peace, and purpose. Jesus teaches us to love … Read more